Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gumboot Planters

The recycling theme out our local school is really picking up. Our gardening team knew that there was a resource that every growing family has: gumboots!

When we ask families for donations of recyclables for the school, you can pretty much guarantee that everyone has a pair or 10 of wellies that are too small or damaged for any future puddle use. Perfect for our recycling motto.

In my previous post I mentioned that we are also designing a teapot garden for our fence line. Well, that is still part of the plan. The second part of that plan are the gumboot planters. The colour and different sizes will make the garden come alive with colour.

So in my research to find out more about gumboot planters I came across some very clever ideas and tips.

Starting a Gumboot Garden
  • Use old boots that you are happy to cut and put drainage hole in.
    To make drainage holes, use a screw driver for soft soled shoes or a drill bit for the harder leather or thick rubber soles.
  • Any type of boot or shoe can be repurposed as a planter.
  • Will it be attached, hang or stand on the ground? Consider wire or cable ties, and and holes required.
  • Consider a gumboot as a portable flower vase (they hold water well, too)
  • Gather the right materials - right potting mix for your plant choices (e.g. cactus potting mix for succulents)
  • Remember that the soil is reduced around the root system and rubber boots can heat up during summer, so your choice of plants, garden placement and watering program need to planned well.
  • Choose plants that do NOT have a deep root system.
Choice of Plants

Succulents and cactus
Annuals - marigold, petunias, pansies, etc.
Herbs - basil, coriander, thyme, etc.
Small grass varieties


Gumboot Planting Tutorial - Strawberries

Check out the tutorial from - How to Plant a Strawberry Container Garden

Concrete Gumboot Tutorial

Make your own concrete gumboot for a real feature in the garden.

Check out Sticky TV's (NZ) step by step guide to making your own concrete gumboot planter here.

Here's another concrete gumboot used for miniature roses. Beautiful!

Must admit, they would make a beautiful gift for someone who loves gardening.

C'mon, great creative and don't forget the drainage holes!

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