About Me

Hi! My name is Janine (Mrs Z to the kids), the volunteer gardening teacher in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia (wow…that’s a mouth full).

Me? I’m on a mission to ensure that kids leave school with skills to be able to grow a garden just about anywhere, whether it be in their own backyards, in a container or on their windowsill.

I am also on a mission to teach and inform every backyard gardener on how they can start to grow their own food and be successful at every turn.

Gardening and farming should be contagious and fun, simply brimming full of rewards in a harvest feast. Rewards result in skills being retained for future generations; not something to be taken for granted and grown overseas instead.

I grew up on a German settler style farm near Kapunda in SA where we learnt how to live off the land and supplemented our needs from the town only once a week.  Not only did we have a huge vegetable garden and orchard, but also raised animals for our consumption, which meant preserving and sharing the abundance.

As a country kid I grew up with a sense of a difference between the ‘townies’ and ‘city-ites’, with their lack of opportunity and understanding of what it meant to live off of the land.

Things changed for me when I was 18 and forced to look for work in the city.  Twenty years on, I see being a country kid as a blessing so now I want to share my skill base and enthusiasm with my fellow city-ites and townies to improve their standard of living and health.

Milk doesn't just come from the shop. It has an origin and that origin needs nurture to keep us healthy. From the ground up, the earth and our food chain needs us to care for it. Those types of skills should never be lost!

We need to be educated about what the big GM seed suppliers and big supermarkets do to our food supply chain and ultimately our health.

Please join me in learning from the ground up from the suburban backyard, let’s think like farmers!