Friday, February 27, 2015

Eggplants: What a difference a soil makes

This is my first year of growing Eggplants and I have discovered just how easy they are to grow. But the curious situation in my garden is that even though all the plants are the same age from the same punnet, they are at two very different levels of growth.

Its amazing what a difference a soil type makes.

The plants in the planter was given fresh potting mix while the smaller plants have been planted after a crop of leeks with minimal rest time to that bed. There was some digging through of potting mix and chicken manure, but it hasn't produced the growth like that of the planter. Wow!

I'm using a potting mix that is especially for Vegetables and Herbs containing a wetting agent.

And speaking of potting mix, I've been on top of my potted fruit trees this year keeping them hydrated with Wetta Soil watered in.

Since adding the Wetta Soil the Naval Orange tree has sprouted some surprise new growth, growing oranges as well as sprouted some new orange blossoms.

How are your soils coping this summer?

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