Thursday, January 22, 2015

Naked Ladies OR How To Have a Pink Garden in Summer

My garden has suddenly turned pink. Blushing from all this sunshine with pink hollyhocks, a rose generosa bush rose and the most amazing flower grown from bulb, Naked Ladies.

Naked Ladies flower just before Autumn, and are also known as Amaryllis (Amaryllis Belladonna) or even Lady Belladonna.

Amaryllis are sometimes mistakenly called Easter Lilies.

They are special because the leaves and the flowers do not appear together at the same time.

And their fragrance is really something else. Its one of those aromas that leave you curious as to whether you like it or not. Some even say it is apricot like. I remember talc powders given to me as child in the 1980s that smelt just like these flowers. It is completely reminiscent.

Amaryllis love hot and dry conditions, just perfect for the South Australian climate. These bulbs are the true survivors. No bad seasons ever seem to knock them off!

Plant the bulbs in early summer time when the bulb is dormant, just before flowering. The bulbs have a habit of clumping over the years.

The first year or two they may not flower after being transplanted as they have a reputation for being a little temperamental. Once established, they come back year after year.

They also reproduce through the flowers. After each flowering season they go to seed which then expel small juicy round bulbs that scatter themselves a little further a field in the garden. They do sprout well in the next leafy season, although much smaller than the established larger bulbs.

I have never found them to be invasive in my garden. I like to plant them in sections of my garden that go bare over summer. Even mulch doesn't keep them down. They love to pop up when they are ready, to give your garden a pink make-over.

Guillot Rosa Generosa Bush Rose

Pink Hollyhock

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