Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lotus Pond at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

In January, under the summer sun the Nelbumbo Pond at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens springs to life with the most beautiful lotus flowers.

These beautiful flowering plants are commonly known as Sacred Lotus, or by its botanical name of Nelbumo nucifera.

According to the Botanic Gardens of South Australia
The sacred lotus has an amazing ability to regulate the temperature of its flowers, similar to humans and other warm-blooded animals. His team discovered that the lotus flowers maintained a temperature of 30-35°C, even when the air temperature dropped to 10°C. The belief is that this occurs so the lotus can attract coldblooded insect for pollination.

The sacred lotus is the national flower of India and Vietnam and different parts of the plant are used in cooking throughout Asia. As well as being used in teas, garnishes, soups and herbal medicines, lotus seed paste is also a key ingredient in mooncake, the famous Chinese sweet treat.

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