Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Diggers Garden Shop - Adelaide Botanic Gardens

If you love the idea of planting heirloom seeds then the Diggers Garden Shop in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens is going to absolutely thrill you.

You probably know about Diggers seeds from Australian gardening magazines or by their online store for seed banking heirloom varieties. What often puts me off from purchasing is usually the postage costs, but now that's one less thing to worry about with their Adelaide store.

The shop is located at the Schomburgk Pavilion which is tucked in behind the Museum of Economic Botany; newly built to also include a cafe. Its within a stones throw of the Botanic Gardens Restaurant. All conveniently centrally located in the gardens near the lake.

I have been promising myself a trip to Diggers since last year, and I am so glad I finally made the trip during the school holidays with my family. Nobody was bored.

They stock a range of seedlings, seeds of seasonal vegetables, fruits and flowers as well as bulbs, books and an array of garden hardware that you may not find anywhere else.

Looking for elusive Rock Dust Minerals, they have it!
Diotomaceaous Earth, yes.
Obelisks, yes.
Decent watering cans, yes.
Snail traps, yes.
Turn your drink bottle into a mini watering can with a screw on watering head, yes.
Trugs, knee pads, glove, yes.
Slate markers with chalk, yes.
Books about chickens. YES!!!

Packets of seeds on average were about $4 or $5. Seedlings varied in price, most of the plants I chose were around $7 each.

It does work out to be good value when you consider that most of the plant varieties sold are hard to come by elsewhere.

Heirloom varieties date back decades and have not become hybrid versions, which means you can let your crop go to seed and use those seeds for your next crop safely.

Every seed packet that is available in store is growable in our climate and ready for planting right now.

Did you know that the Diggers Garden Shop stock 3 dozen different types of tomato seed alone? Seeds are sectioned to be found easily at a glance. Even wild flower mixes are available.

Become a Diggers Club Member and enjoy extra benefits: discounts, magazines, workshops and free goodies. (There are even seedlings plants exclusive to Club Members only!)

Join up in store or online.


Check out the Botanic Gardens for Diggers' heirloom plants growing in the grounds. Just North out from the Bicentennial Conservatory (#5 on the map) you will find the garden (#4), near the fountain.

 Diggers Garden Shop is open every day, except Good Friday and 24 and 25 December, between 9am and 5pm, closing at 4:30pm in June and July.

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