Friday, October 24, 2014

October Blooms

I am eagerly awaiting my first double poppies to open. Judging by their setting heads, they should be enormous when they finally open. What colour they will be is also a mystery to me, but I am expecting pink or a delicate purple shade.

Giant Double Poppy
Meanwhile, my garden seems to be a week behind everyone else's when it comes to roses blooming. I have specifically chosen aromatic roses as I can't think of anything worse than an unscented flower. Spicy and romantic really get my senses tingling.

David Austin Heritage rose

Knight's GeeWiz rose

The Black English Mulberry has finally sprung to life with a flurry of leaves, a few of which I have had to rub off of the main trunk to aim the tree's energy upward to develop the top canopy. This tree is my new pride and joy.

And while my mulberry has not yet set fruit, my many dwarf peach trees have. YAY!

Super Dwarf Peach Valley Red setting fruit in October
If feels like everything has finally set flower. Loving my Volcano bush colours!

And I have recently added my first Euphorbia (Tiny Tim). I chose a miniature Euphorbia because the larger version are well known for going slightly feral and weed-like in the garden, so choosing a mini version it will help keep it more contained. Planted near my mulberry, it will enjoy the nitrogen run-off.

Loving my October front garden♥

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