Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Spring is Door Knocking in my Garden

Spring is door knocking in my garden already. It always seems to make an appearance in my garden around the 23rd of August every year. The days are become just that little bit longer and the sun shines more warmly. This week I found buds appearing, new flowers bursting out and a personal flurry of activity in the garden. You couldn't have stopped me, the weather made me do it. Ha, ha! What a great excuse♥

Here's a look around my garden at the end of August this year.

Camellia Nuccio's Pearl flowering

Camellia Japonica - Angel

Camellia Japonica - Beatrice Emily

Double Poppies - my first try - seeds from a friend at church

Helleborus in full flower
Potted Freesias

One of my shade loving plants under the apple trees. Possibly an anemone.

Potted Arum Lillies

Meanwhile in the edible section of my garden, there's some activity brewing...

Dwarf Meyer Lemon is heavily laden with flowers

Dwarf Santa Rosa Plum is already budding, but the Satsuma Plum is still dormant.

Brown Turkey fig is not only growing leaves but fruit at the SAME time.

Garlics are growing well. Lost two earlier on in the season, but their replacements have caught up.

Growing Green Manure crop around the base of the Curly Kale to add more nitrogen to the soil.

On my list of Never Fail Crops - my leeks are growing well.

Broad Beans have started to shoot up fast

Turned over the compost bins. Beautiful stuff!


Baby Fennel is almost ready to harvest. Oh yum!

August always makes me feel excited in the garden. How is your garden going this year?

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