Saturday, August 2, 2014

Front Garden Fruit Tree Make-Over

Someone reminded me that I haven't given any updates of my front garden's progress. I agree, it is well overdue. The sun is finally out, and the grass is slowly recovering. The Kikuyu lawn will bounce back in time for the start of spring. You can't kill that grass, just wrestle with it out of the garden beds. The reason why we chose the edging we did was to control our invasive lawn. I think it looks marvelous and it can only get better!

Fruit Trees planted this year:

  • English Black Mulberry
  • 5 x Ballerina Apple Trees - Polka & Waltz varieties (pollinators)
  • 2 x Super Dwarf Peaches - Valley Red variety
  • Dwarf Imperial Mandarin

Other plants:

  • Helleborus
  • Rose - Geewiz Rosa Generosa (Maselgi)
  • Volcano plant
  • Grevilleas
  • Dianellas (in between the apple trees)

The bulb flowers and Helleborus are in full bloom with many more buds to soon open. And my transplanted dwarf Imperial Mandarin is still alive.

I have plans to add boarder plants to soften the stone edging.

Do you like my edging choice? It really stands out and makes such a welcome difference to the front yard.



Transplanted peony just starting to shoot

What a great way to spent my winter! This garden is going to look magnificent when the fruit trees start flowering. Attracting bees to my fruit garden is my top priority, so my lavender and salvia plants are earning their keep.

I was always worried that adding fruit trees to my front garden would look terribly unkept, but I think I have found just the right balance with the landscaping to have achieved a magnificent garden.

And its not finished! More to come soon♥

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