Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crazy mixed up Adelaide winter 2014

My plants have been struggling to decide what season Adelaide is currently in. My David Austin rose has been flowering in winter, even my dwarf Santa Rosa Plum tree has a single blossom already. The leaves would not even come off of my espalier Plum or Peach trees. But this week might finally set my garden right with an antarctic blast of a much needed winter, hail included.

With such a low chill factor this year some plants may not fair so well later in the year. The right low temperatures of winter can improve the flowering of specific crops.

Adelaide does not really ever experience snow, except for in the Adelaide Hills at Mount Lofty once or twice a year. So when hail descended on our southern suburbs last Monday, right school pick-up time, all the kids went crazy and had hail/snowball fights. Its a rare occurrence to have that much hail and for it to last as long as it did. It didn't melt for a couple of hours. The conditions were perfect for its preservation.

I'm hoping for a good chill this year.