Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pruning the Espalier: Next Level

It's that all important time in espalier maintenance when a fruit tree must be pruned to its next level on the frame. The first month of summer can see a real spurt of growth in many fruit trees, most especially in my plums.

When you see how many new branches appear the task can look pretty daunting, but once you get in there you will find the true leaders to brace and the ones to remove.

On the type of frame I have I require two side branches and one central leader to grow up towards the next level.

I have used t-shirt material that has stretch which allows the branches to grow in width without strangling.

The central stem needs to be straightened as much as possible, so a little creative tying may need to be done to ensure that.

Remember to always prune with a clean pair of garden snips.
So easy♥

It's looking good, don't you think?

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