Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Australasian Poultry Magazine

As a chicken owner this is my new favourite Australian magazine dedicated to all things poultry.

They are so jam packed full of great advice and stories from seasoned poultry owners who really know the ropes; not just of the backyard set up but all the way through to showing and breeding.

  • Do you know how to correctly incubate eggs to reduce birth defects?
  • What do inner city breeders do with their noisy breeding/show roosters?
  • How do you prevent a disease outbreak when you introduce new poultry to your yard?

It's all in the August/September 2013 issue, out now in newsagents throughout Australia.

If your newsagent does not stock it, ask them to order it in for you. Absolutely worthwhile.

So easy to read and there are so many good adverts for equipment that you may not be able to find locally.

Visit the Australasian Poultry facebook page here.

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