Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Camellia Desire

Camellia 'Desire'
Welcomed to my garden this week, taking front stage next to our front door is my very first Camellia plant. This beauty is called Desire.

Autumn is Camellia and Gardenia season.

The garden centre gave me one very good tip about growing Camellias:
Do not plant it out into a big pot straight away. Go up to a slightly larger pot than what it came in. The roots like to feel a little more compact as it grows which is what makes Camellias such a great potted plant. So slowly does it, and chocking up the bricks inside underneath until it is ready for the planting out in future.

  • 15cm potted Camellia (height 60cm) $16.95
  • Camellia & Gardenia Acidic Potting Mix Bag $10.90
  • 61cm x 41cm Terracotta Pot $47.00
Total: $74.85

I bought mine from McLaren Vale Garden Centre, South Australia.

♥ What a perfect Mother's Day gift idea for under $100! ♥

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