Saturday, April 13, 2013

Licorice Herb

I discovered a beautiful new plant this week that I really love. Add it to the herb garden this month!

The Licorice Herb (Botanical name: Tagetes Filifolia) from the Haars Nursery is available through selected garden centres Australia wide.

It really does taste like the real thing. Every time I go past my new plant I find I'm always taking a little to nibble. At this rate there won't be much left. It's beautifully tasty♥

The Licorice Herb is classified a rare plant as this is not a standard Spanish Licorice that most people would use medicinally. The roots of the Licorice Herb would not be used, for example, but both are excellent for flavouring food and drinks.

The delicate dill-like foliage makes it easy to add as a flavouring or to pick during a garden wander.

Absolutely loaded with flavour and can be added to sweet and salty foods, herbal teas, vinegars or white wine.

How to grow
  • Prefers full sun to partial shade. ☼
    Will thrive in shade but will not be as lush.
  • Plant direct into garden bed or into pots on the patio to enjoy the aroma.
  • Grows to 40cm in height. ↑
  • Plant in well drained soil with an application of organic fertiliser ever 3-4 weeks.
  • Regularly harvest to encourage bushiness.

Tea Recipe

To make Licorice Tea, simply cut 2 teaspoons of freshly picked leaves, cut up small, add to tea cup and fill with boiling water. Allow to stand for 4 minutes to infuse.


If you are growing a Licorice Herb already, let us know how yours is growing and what you use your plant for the most.



  1. Found one of these behind my compost today, only knew what it was by hitting a bit with the mower, all I could smell was licorice haha beautiful find, amazing herb, thanks for the info, Ive only ever seen the spanish type.

  2. My wife found one in Bunnings, but it's been out-of-stock since. Is it possible to grow from cuttings?