Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to use Diatomaceous Earth

When you need to control pests in your organic garden or trying to avoid using strong chemicals on your pets  to control flees, ticks, mites and lice, then food grade Diatomaceous Earth is a must.

I came across Diatomaceous Earth when I was researching alternatives for chicken coop cleaning, chicken pest dusting and for our local school garden. It seemed to cover just about everything I was looking for. So when I discovered I could buy Diatomaeceous Earth online here in Australia I decided to give it a go.

I purchased mine from Planet Poultry.

There are two types of Diatomaceous Earth:

  • Pool grade with silicon 
  • Food grade ☺

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Also known as DE, is a naturally occurring soft fossilised (algae) rock that is finely ground to a powder. It has a drying effect when applied to any bugs. The dust simply dehydrates and suffocates pests to death. 

How to use DE:

Even though the food grade Diatomeaceous Earth is a 'safe' product, because it is a fine powder it can be breathed in and cause your hands to dry out. So when applying always use a dust mask and gloves.

Application: Use an old talc powder container, Pest Pistol Mini Duster or Dustin-Mizer applicator to spread the Diatomaceous Earth effectively.

Animal pest control
Apply to bedding or nesting areas as well as to your pet.
When dusting your pest, go against the grain of the hair or feathers.
To apply to poultry, hold up-side-down by the legs and shake dust through feathers.

Bed Bugs
Dust through the bare mattress and carpets.

Garden pest control
Light spray down all the foliage with water before applying DE top and bottom of leaves. The dampness will help the dust to adhere more efficiently. Do not apply if rain is expected. Reapplication will be necessary when most of the dust is no longer visible.


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