Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fertilize by Foliar Feeding

I love this article and had to share it with you. Article originally published on Organic Gardener.

One of the most efficient and effective ways to fertilise your plants is foliar feeding with organic liquid fertilisers. That's right, plants can absorb nutrients via their foliage. It’s fast acting too - you see results almost immediately.
All you need is a sprayer or atomiser and an all purpose organic liquid fertiliser. Go for a blend of organic fish emulsion, liquid compost and liquid seaweed - that way you know you're giving plants a broad range of nutrients.
Just fill your sprayer with water and add the organic liquid fertiliser/s, but not too much - check the recommended rate and divide it by 4, that’s all you need. Also, pop in a few drops of detergent - that will help it spread on the surface of the leaf.
All you do then is give your sprayer a good shake and start spraying - making sure you completely cover all the leaves on their upper and lower surfaces. The best time to apply the solution is in the cool of the early morning.
Do this foliar feeding once a week for a few weeks and in no time see your plants start to green up and perform much better. It really is an effective and economical way to feed your plants in an organic garden - particularly when they are showing signs of nutrient deficiency.

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