Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gardening Planting Guides for Australia

Whenever I want to know what I can plant this month I often find I madly flip through all my gardening magazines to find this month's planting guide. But having a handy chart is far more convenient to refer to.

This month I came upon the need to find a descent chart for our school garden planning group. Even if I am not there I know that my students and fellow teachers can easily see what is in season for the lesson. Companion planting is just as important to ensure a healthy flourishing crop.

I hope to publish my own flower and shrub guide here soon, for your convenience. So please check back soon.

But for your fruits and veggies, check these out.

Digger's Sow What When poster - This full colour poster displays over 60 commonly grown vegetables and herbs, including instructions for whether to sow into trays or direct in the ground, which months to sow, spacing between plants and in the row, growing days to harvest. Cool, warm and hot climate zones are covered with additional heat and cold zone maps helping you determine your exact growing area. In addition perhaps the most useful and unique cross reference information relates to the distinction of soil temperature. 59cm x 43cm. $15 for the public, $12 for members from Diggers.

Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Companion Planting Chart – provides month-by-month suggestions for growing an extensive range of seasonal vegetables across hot, temperate and cooler climates. This A1 poster is beautifully illustrated in the style of the Kitchen Garden Companion book. $20

Need something free to help you right now?

The Vegie Guide: Don't forget to also check out the Gardening Australia website interactive map.

If you know of any other good planting posters or online guides, please let me know.

Happy gardening!


  1. Just found your blog today, really enjoying reading it. Thought you might like to know Gardening Australia has an iPhone app now including the planting guide. I've found it very handy. Not sure if it's available for android phones. :)

  2. Hi Janine, My name is Paul. I am 60 and disabled. In the 1980's, I lived in Mullumbimby , Northern New South Wales.
    I completed a TAFE Course on Rainforest Regeneration, Nursery Practice and Organic Herb Growing. I love gardening.
    I have been asking for quite a while on Pinterest for a guide on planting times for the Australian area. Nearly all I have seen are for the U.S.A.
    So I thank you for making it available on Pinterest. I also see its a Diggers Seeds Chart. They are a wonderful company. I think it is very important we keep the control of seed banks in the publics hands. And try to grow heirloom varieties where possible.
    Thankyou again. And happy gardening.