Saturday, February 2, 2013

School Gardening Resources

Launching into a new school year with gardening activities which needs to link in with the school canteen and kitchen for cooking lessons is always a tricky task in the planning. Many schools now have only one committee that oversee these three as they inseparable in learning and action.

Having spent a really good part of the Christmas/New Year school holidays reading numerous blogs from other parents who are also volunteer gardening teachers from across Australia, it is so good to see such a hive of activity and resources made available to share.

Here's a few of my personal favourite resources to get planning!

Available at the ABC Shop is Australian Chef, Stephanie Alexander's book, Kitchen Garden Cooking With Kids.

Stephanie's book is divided into three main parts as she explains the foundations and planning of an effective school garden plan by practical example. Then moves into detailing year by year how the garden matures for different gardening lessons. The remainder of the book is great for planning the school kitchen cooking lessons with really easy to use recipes for in the school grown produce according to season.

Back cover of Kitchen Garden Cooking With Kids
Teacher roles are superbly detailed to define the job of a garden teacher
How to recruit volunteers and their value in the school
Don't forget the school kitchen pantry staples
Kid friendly recipes are divided into seasons to go with available produce
I really like this book. Such an easy book to use, however, the pages may be a little difficult to photocopy as hand-outs from due to the size of the big pages.

Another book I can't wait to get my hands on is the California based How To Grow A School Garden: A Complete Guide For Parents and Teachers, written and complied by Arden Bucklin-Sporer and Rachel Kathleen Pringle.

Check it out online via Amazon to have a look inside this book.

Again, this one is also packed full of recipes to try but they do include a few ingredients that are not known to Australians. The resources section is entirely American based unfortunately, but the garden layouts are inspirational and fun to try which makes this book still a great one to get hold of.

But I think the best is yet to come as I have ordered for myself an amazing Australian DVD created by Leonie Shanahan, Edible School Gardens.

This DVD is available online (with PayPal option) at the Edible School Gardens website.
The preview is on the website and looks very inspiring and practical.

It is so good to see more and more Australian based School Garden books and DVDs becoming available.

If you are tackling your school garden as a teacher or volunteer, I would love to hear from you♥

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