Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spoonflower Nature Inspired Designs Launch 2013

Nature Inspired fabric designs by Janine Z on Spoonflower - 8" x 8" test swatches now available
Wouldn't you know it! My love for nature and gardening has finally carried over into my craft life this year. Since discovering Spoonflower.com I have been dreaming up ways to turn my own designs into fabric. I have been image-transfer-to-fabric obsessed for year now. And it has only grown!

My first Spoonflower fabric order I turned into tea towels (cotton canvas) using my grandma's old wood oven recipe cook book -beautifully handwritten, stained with time and the juices of cooking, with not a single temperature or cooking time to be found amongst the pages as that is how wood stove cooking is done - blind guess work. The romance of the kitchen was brought to life for everyday use. Those tea towels are still my absolute favourites. I hardly ever have them put back in the drawer. Between you and me, I think all my other tea towels are getting just a little jealous.

This year I am launching my Nature Inspired designs in my own store on Spoonflower making them available to YOU! I'm so excited.

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I have a lot of tweaks in mind to create variations of the current designs in store. Most of my patterns are for soft furnishings, wall paper and decals in mind but can be used for absolutely any project in mind.

I have many more that are yet to be released. In order to list them for sale I need to order test swatches for approval to activate the listings. I can't wait to share my other new categories with you this year.

Please drop by to check out my new store. I'd love your feedback.

Let's get crafty!

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