Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seed Saving Packet Downloads

Your garden looks set to burst with seeds of plants you would love to grow again. They are about to go everywhere; some will self-seed others will go to waste or perhaps even in your greens waste bin.

How about gathering those seeds and growing your new plants exactly where you want them to be? Give them as gifts to family and friends.

Now where to put them? I have got the solution. Get your printer and scissors ready!

Here's a few free downloadable seed packet templates that I have found to help you get those seeds organised...

1. A great classic seed packet design in PDF format from Joy Ever After.

2. Easy to read, clean design in PDF file from Continent In A Cottage blog.

3. Something vintage or mod design? Check out Just Something I Made web site for a great variety to choose from. (jpg)

4. There are three (3) lovely packets to choose from at The Allotment Junkies. (jpg) Little gift cards are included.

5. Maggie Wang has an amazing selection of seed packet designs as PDF downloads, ranging from fully detailed to completely blank canvases for you to create your own art work upon. So many to choose from.

6. Erin Vale Design have created a sweet and simple packet design in PDF format.

Please respect these designers by not reproducing these images for sale to profit from their hard work.

Great gift idea for a neighbour, celebrations, birthday or as a barter exchange.

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