Thursday, November 8, 2012

Solving Worm Farm Pest Problems

When you have a worm farm you know how much of a pest vinegar flies, ants and cockroaches can be. They will not harm your worms but they are unwelcome guests. So here's a few remedies.

Removing Vinegar Flies

Vinegar Flies are a good indication that your worm farm is too acidic. To fix, just sprinkle a little dolomite lime, garden lime or wood ash.

Removing Ants

If you have a Styrofoam box worm farm, simply elevate it off the ground on bricks inside a tray of water - you could use deep sided pot plant saucers for this.
If your worm farm has legs, do the same with a tray of water under the legs.
When ants become a persistent pest, put out small piles of cornmeal. Ants will eat it but they will not be able to digest it, so it kills them. Be patient as it will take around a week to work effectively. It will not harm your pets or children.

Removing Cockroaches

Keep the worm farm covered with newspaper or hessian blanket and keep the lid on.

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  1. I have both vinegar flies and ants in my worm farm, funnily enough, the ants are eating the flies larvae and then heading home without touching the worms, which has helped control the fly population, but they are still annoying, getting into my wine and scotch, for goodness sake!! Flies, not ants, that is... worms dont eat anywhere near as much as i hoped they would, hence the flies coming around, so am giving them a calorie controlled diet nowadays and that helps! Might be helpful to do an article on the different types of worms that can be installed in a worm farm?