Friday, November 23, 2012

Cutting Back Capsicums To Regrow

I trialed a wonderful piece of advice from the neighbour of my friend Ragen that I could cut back my capsicum plants at the end of the season to encourage it to regrow for the next season.

I had never heard that it could be done before, but both Ragen and I decided to give it a go a few months ago to see if it was possible. While Ragen's capsicum died completely, mine thrived! (Yes, she looked at both me and her capsicum plant in disgust!). No extra fertilization, just a good old prune and watering and it sprung back to life. And here are the results:

I hope to update you a little later with how the crop has performed on this bush. I have been assured that the crop will be just as tasty as last seasons.

Have I tried it on any more plants? You bet!
I am also trialing this same technique on one of my chili plants that went very spindly. It too is showing a good lot of new growth. Hoping it will branch as well as my capsicum plant did. This is the same chili plant that self seeded itself behind my compost bin earlier in the year, so I have high hopes for this little thriver.

chili pruned for regrowth
The good news from this trial is the reduction of purchasing new seedlings which will save money.


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  1. Such a great new. I will try on mine as I don't want to throw them away and start all over again by seeds.Thanks for your information.