Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our First Worm Farm

It's time to welcome our newest additions to our garden. Our first ever Worm Farm!

The polystyrene foam boxes were free from our local fruit 'n' veg shop.

I grabbed three boxes in all and one with a lid. The third box is for when it is time to change over to a fresh container and use the castings on the garden. I popped eight holes in the top box to drain and a few air holes around the top for ventilation.

The worms were free from our neighbours up the street who are passionate gardeners. The only expense was the mushroom compost and worm blanket. Absolutely affordable♥

The kids are very excited and are keen to learn what they will and won't eat. We are yet to identify the worm type we have. Let's hope we have a population explosion soon.

Have you got a Worm Farm story to tell? Drop me a line.

To learn more, check out this great video...

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