Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree

A big welcome to my gorgeous new Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree.
It comes as my second citrus addition this week.

Does the $39-$43 price of a standard potted Lemon tree put you off?

Here's some exciting news...
I have discovered Bunnings have another option.
Smaller fruit trees from the Pick 'n' Eat range for only $11.98 per pot this month (June 2012).
Hooray! Lemon trees have finally become affordable!

Meyer Lemon Description

  • Cold tolerant citrus.
  • Requires full sun.
  • Thin skinned fruit that is less tart than a 'Lisbon' or 'Eureka' variety.
  • Highly fragrant flowers.
  • Meyer Lemons have abundant juice that is slightly sweeter and contains less acid than regular lemons.
  • Mature fruit go from green to yellow to a slight orange tinge.
  • The Meyer Lemon has the reputation of being the best potted citrus. Ideal for patios, verandas, balconies and even indoors.
  • Requires regular consistent watering for fruit to mature without early dropping.
  • Fertilise with Dynamic Lifter pellets or dried chicken manure twice a year.

Citrus × meyeri trees are around 6 to 10 ft (2 to 3 m) tall at maturity, though they can be pruned smaller. Their leaves are dark green and shiny. The flowers are white with a purple base and fragrant.
The Meyer lemon fruit is yellow and rounder than a true lemon. The skin is fragrant and thin, coloured a deep yellow with a slight orange tint when ripe. Meyer lemon fruits have a sweeter, less acidic flavor than the more common Lisbon or Eureka supermarket lemon varieties. The pulp is a dark yellow and contains up to 10 seeds per fruit.
To learn more about How to Plant a Citrus in a Pot, check out my article here.


  1. Thank you for the suggestion and the "top plants for dorms" article. Because of these articles I purchased my first apartment plant, and yup, it's a Meyer Lemon tree =)

  2. Got one Meyer, one Eureka and one orange, will go bunnings for one more Meyer, planing to place it by the side of laptop. 4 years passed, and they still sell pick n eat Meyer for the same price.