Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nicola Summer Potato Harvest

Half the harvest of Nicola Potatoes
The first of my potato crop has been harvested, which began before Christmas.

The first potatoes for harvesting were the Nicola variety.

The Review

  • There was quite a mixture of medium and small sized potatoes.
  • Their fresh was very thick and slightly more cream coloured than white in colour.
  • When mashing, adding a lot of milk was essential. I couldn't believe how thick the mash was.
  • No rotting or diseases at all. Very healthy crop.
  • Flavour: Excellent.
  • Would I grow it again?: Yes.

Next harvest is due within the next fortnight of the Charlotte potato variety.

If you have been growing potatoes, too, tell us about your harvest or how your crop has progressed. I would love to hear from you♥

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