Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Garlic Harvest

Summer is garlic harvest time.

The confusing thing about growing them, however, is that many magazines say that they are ready to harvest after flowering. In actual fact, I find that when the stem wilts, it's time. (The same can be true for potatoes.)

Check out these beauties from my veggie garden, harvested this week.

Garlic Tips
  • Garlic loves well rotted cow manure and lime.
  • The perfect garlic has a shade of purple.
  • Keep well watered and in a sunny position.
  • Excellent for growing in pots.
  • Don't be scared to use a lot of cloves of SLICED garlic in recipes, as they are a lot less pungent than the minced garlic (as commonly used in garlic bread).
  • Never buy a pure white garlic; they have been bleached
    (imported from poor sanitary conditions in such places as China or Mexico)
  • Buy in season for LOCALLY grown garlic at your Fruit 'n' Veg store.
  • YES, you CAN grow your own garlic from the Fruit 'n' Veg as long as it has the slight purple colouring. Organic is the best choice.
  • Remember to HANG your garlics to dry. Do not leave them on a surface to dry as their moisture tends to pool. Use their own stalks for tying together, or use natural twine.
  • Suitable for storing.

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