Saturday, October 1, 2011

Affordable Planter Troughs

"Your quest, if you choose to accept it,
is to find an affordable garden planter trough in Australia."

Planter Trough: An extra large, often rectangular in shape;
long as well as deep in which plants can be grown.

80 to 100cm in length.
75 to 105 Litres in holding capacity.

Now, finding my favourite large planter had an unexpected turn for me this year.

Over the past couple of years, whenever I could spare a little extra cash (or get one for my birthday or as a christmas present) I always got a Zarif 105 Litre ($65-69) from Bunnings.

But then, just as my last birthday came around, so did the last Zarif trough at Bunnings at Marion! (GASP! SHOCK! Nooooo!)

I have been singing the praises of the Zarif planters to everyone who has come through my garden, as I have backyard challenges that only planters can overcome.

Why use a planter trough?
  • Restrictions on planting or building over pipes that run through a property.
  • Aggressive and invasive grass runners.
  • Height of planting assists those with back pain issues.
  • Warmth on the side of the containers assist the plants growth.
  • Limited room or sunlight.
  • Balcony gardening.
  • Concrete/Paved courtyard gardening.

I took some action and contacted Zarif direct to see where I could at least get one more, just to finish off one of my rows. Amazingly, I was able to organise a single trough to be sent over to a Cheap As Chips store closest to me. Yes, a single planter and no more.

Sorry everyone, no more Zarif planter troughs. But I am hoping that they will resurface sometime.

BUT here's a next best thing that is now available at Bunnings stores.

Eden Garden Planter (80cm) for $49.95
Dimensions: H 34cm, D 38cm, L 80cm (slightly less at the bottom)

Eden Garden Planter 80cm

Eden Garden Planter (80cm) and Zarif Terrace Terracotta Trough (98cm)

The Eden Garden Planter (trough) is a little smaller than the Zarif (98cm) one, but at least the Eden planter already has ready made drainage holes.

Eden planter trough - front left

I have one in my garden and it doesn't look out of place at all. Being a little shorter has allowed room for a single container on the end.


These are definitely the most affordable on the market here in South Australia that I have been able to locate.

Trough planters are quite difficult to locate. So far, only Bunnings has been able to supply large enough planter pots that are adequate for a vegetable garden. 

Other planters range in price between $100 - $400.
Often made of fiberglass or concrete.
Those prices and materials really do make them too expensive and too physically heavy for the average home gardener.

Planting Tip 

  • If you have aggressive grass runners, such as Kikuyu lawn, make sure that you place the planter trough upon bricks before filling with soil.


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