Monday, September 26, 2011

Mushroom Kits

My first harvest of Portabello Mushrooms
I am always one for trying out new things in the garden, but this one didn't need any garden space at all, in fact it only required room INSIDE my house.

I bought this kit completely on a whim one night while I was online at ordering my seed potatoes. I just added this one on the end of the order and took my luck.

The kit I chose was Portabello Mushrooms.

My other choice was the standard Button Mushroom Kit and a half-&-half Kit, but for real mushroom flavour and colour, there is nothing like Portabello Mushrooms (A.K.A. Swiss Brown).

Keep an eye out for Garden Express at your State Show, as I found them this year at the Royal Adelaide Show selling the mushroom kits for $6 less than what they were online.

Mushrooms Kits from Garden Express online (Australia)


The kit arrives dormant.
Everything is included in the kit, except for the water sprayer.

GROWING TIME: approx. 3-5 weeks

WHEN: Most times of the year, but best around 18-22 degrees C.

WHERE: Keep in a darkened room (laundry, cupboard or spare room) free of draft.

YIELD: approx. 2.5 to 3kg
(Most kits produce two (2) very large crops, then several smaller fruitings thereafter.)

STARTING YOUR KIT: Open the box and remove the bag of dry peat moss called casing.
Leave the large bag of compost inside the box.
The compost may appear brown if newly inoculated with spawn, or if it is mature, it will look frosty white or mouldy, as the mushroom mycelium grows through it.
If the compost is brown and newly inoculated, close the kit up and keep it at 18-22 degrees C for 7-10 days, before adding the peat moss casing layer.

When the compost looks ready (white/mouldy) keep the box open at all times.

Follow the instructions on adding the casing and the initial wetting to start the kit.

CARE: Spray half a cup of water over the open box every morning.
Keep in a darkened room (laundry, cupboard or spare room) free of draft.

COST: $16 to $24


5 Stars.
  • The kids excitedly report every day how much bigger the mushrooms have grown.
  • The taste and flavour are exceptional.
  • Definitely worth doing again.
  • Easy to grow and harvest.

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