Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Compost -Tutorial

Composting basics

Remember the basic mix of a great compost is:
  • Carbon - newspaper, shredded documents, straw, sawdust, mowed lawn clippings
  • Nitrogen - fruit and vegetable waste, egg shells, chicken/rabbit/cow manure
  • Oxygen - turn it over every month
  • Water - just damp not soggy

Never put into your compost:
  • Cat, dog or human poo
  • Oil, fat or grease
  • Weeds and aggressive grass runners (e.g. kikuyu lawn)
  • Meat products (attracts mice)
  • Plastics
  • Avocado seeds and skins (they don't break down well)
  • Bacterial infected plant matter (place in a plastic bag for main rubbish)

Main Technique

  • Use all of your kitchen scraps in a compost. 

  • Layer whenever possible. Occasionally throw over some straw, newspaper or sawdust.

  • Every month, throw over one or two handfuls of Blood and Bone powder.

  • Water the compost occasionally to encourage the natural break-down process.

  • Bugs and worms are essential, please do not spray unless Red Back Spiders move in.

  • Remember to turn it over with a fork once a month (minimum).
You can move your compost bin to a new location and refill instead to ensure that the compost is turned adequately. The more you turn, the quicker it breaks down, the sooner you can use it.

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