Thursday, September 29, 2011

David Austin Roses

David Austin - Heritage Rose - first year
I am a thrilled owner of my very first David Austin rose. I have the Heritage variety proudly in my front garden by my bedroom window where I get just enough sun to be the ideal spot in my garden.

David Austin - Heritage
I have never really been a rose lover until recently. The David Austin varieties seem to grow yearly and they really are something different from the common hardware store nursery roses.

There seems to be something very special about owning a David Austin rose because when any of my neighbours in my street buy theirs, we all know about it and hope to see the first blooms.

It's a strange following, perhaps its a bit like a boys' equivalent of owning a sports car.
"'Let's see what she can do."

It's now spring here in Adelaide and the green leaves are out on my David Austin Heritage, and the first buds have appeared and so have the aphids.  So I am taking the 'organic' approach and squashing them off with my fingers rather than spraying.

So I thought I would share with you a great website that catalogues a huge range of David Austin roses.

You may find that there are so very beautiful D.A. blooms popping out around your suburb and find that you'll be itching to know which variety they are.

Who knows. You maybe the next David Austin Rose fan club member!

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